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creating a website

  This is a one page website,mainly to promote ones page e.g musicians ,politicians,comedians,artists e.t.c mainly to promote ones image to the general public it will be done at an affordable total cost of ksh 3500 and would be completed within one week call  0791181172 for more info

2sc This is a fully functional website with tabs to access school departments ,student login pages,connected with various social plugins to allow easier interaction with online visitors .this will be done at an affordable cost of the range between ksh 7,000-10,000 depending on how functional and the amount of data to be put on the website. can be completed within two weeks call 0791181172 for more info


This is a fully functional site that allows online selling of goods,social plugins to directly interact with buyers ,secured to allow money transfer online .this will be done at an affordable cost of  the range between ksh 8,000- ksh 15,000 depending on how functional the website is to be .can be completed within two weeks  call 0791181172 for more info



Facebook allows you to set up a store on your Facebook Page to sell products. Facebook Page is a dedicated page that you can set up for your business, so it is different your personal Facebook account.

Once you have your own Facebook Page set up, you can actually set up your Facebook store as one of the tabs on your Page.

Needless to say, to get people to buy from your Facebook Store, you should be growing your Facebook audience / community as part of your overall business marketing plan.Engaging your Facebook community is an excellent way to grow your business, since Facebook makes it super easy for you to target users with specific interests, and it also makes sharing (viral marketing) of your content much easier than anywhere else.

Facebook store creation would  be done at an affordable cost of ksh 1000


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