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Neema slaughterhouse was formed in 2012 to help pastoralist sell their livestock commercially easily and prevent massive losses as a result of drought is a certified butchery by the kenya  bureau of halal employs over 140 workers and it is expected to expand to 300 active employees.the main target market is the middle east but also meat is consumed is visioned to be the leading exporter in the country for meat products and its other value addition products.

for more information contact

P.O. Box 8267 – 00610,
Nairobi – Kenya.
Tel: 0787949604/0708039242/0722708440

what does halal certification mean:

What does Halal certification mean?
For a product to be halal, it must be as a whole, and in part:
• Free from any substance taken or extracted from a haram animal or ingredient (e.g. pigs, dogs, carnivorous animals, animals not slaughtered in compliance with Islamic rites);
• Made, processed, manufactured and/or stored by using utensils,equipment and/or machinery that has been cleaned according to Islamic law
• Free from contact with, or being close to, a haram substance during preparation, manufacture, processing and storage (e.g. blood, alcohol, poisonous and intoxicating plants and insects such as worms and cockroaches).
Halal certification means that a product’s contents and manufacture has been endorsed by an accredited religious authority as meeting these standards.Many food manufacturers seek halal certification of their facilities and processes, in order to ensure that their products are consumed by Muslim consumers and also to facilitate the export of the products especially to Muslim majority countries.
In Kenya, halal certification is conducted by the Kenya Bureau of Halal Certification which works closely with accredited religious organisations and scholars to ensure that the products conform to Islamic practices.

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