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treehouse children home

Treehouse childrens home. It is a shelter for children whose parents have died of AIDS or have  the disease and stigmatization can no longer  take  care for their children. The orphanage was founded in 2005 by Nick and Charles, and since then more than 120 children can get  a safe place.

At this time, stay there 32 children. Most children are found on the street in the Mathare slum, but some were abandoned  the gate when they were a month old yet.

The home comprises a large living room where the kids do their homework or watch TV.There are 4 bedrooms and each child has his own bed.

Besides a place to sleep and eat, Community Transformers offers the children a close-knit family. Tree House is truly a place where they feel accepted and feel safe. Much love is given, something that these children desperately need. They also  have a chance to go to school so they may  have a better future.

The children who stay here are between 0 and 17 years old. each  child has  a large close-knit family. They tease each other, but the older children look after the little ones. They all do their bit and have different chores chores. The children all have their own story and been through a lot at a young age. Generally, they are very happy and they like to make fun, but there are often sad moments when they have memories of the past or they miss their parents .

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